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Overview of the project structure

  • fonts (assets for the web view)
  • log-books (EPUB exports of the annotated logs, accessed by ereaders)
  • logs (HTML exports of the annotated logs)
  • templates (contains 2 jinja templates, one for epub, one for the webview)
  • book.html (Is the most recent input for the epub, is generated by the python script)
  • index.html (The most recent HTML webview, generated by the python script)
  • logged_book.epub (Is the most recent epub)
  • print.css (stylesheet used when generating the epub)
  • script.js/style.css (assets for the webview)
  • (The main script for generating the files)
  • test-page.html (A page with various HTML elements, to be tested on ereader browsers)