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This script generates static digital gardens. The system processes files to generate a simple HTML page, which can then be served locally or in a server for viewing.


Python 3.x installed on your machine.

Steps to Run the Project

Clone the Repository:

git clone
cd gardening

Create a Virtual Environment:

python3 -m venv .

Activate the Virtual Environment:

  • On macOS and Linux:

      source bin/activate
  • On Windows:


Install Imagemagick:

Install Dependencies:

pip3 install -r dependencies.txt

Generate the HTML File

  • Add files you want to show in the digital garden to 'website/content/garden/'
  • Edit the header and the footer markdown files in 'website/content/misc/'
  • Edit, if you want, the config.json file to edit the name of the garden and the colors of the website.

Then launch:


This script reads the 'website/content/garden/' contents, compress media, converts it to HTML, applies styles, and integrates it into a complete HTML structure.

Test it running un a Local Server:

cd website

python3 -m http.server

Open a web browser and go to http://localhost:8000 to view your digital garden.


If you add or remove contents from your folders or if you edit the config.json file, you have to relaunch the script in order to update the generated code.


Just add the whole 'website/' folder in your server. Don't you know how to do it? Contact me! i will give you some advice -> poni @ habitattt . it


If you delete some or upload new files from the garden folder, re-run the code and it will update itself.

If you want to embed a video or a track from other websites, just copy the embedding options from there and paste it in a .txt file inside the garden folder.

This is hyper-beta. Suggestions are really welcomed! Write to -> poni @ habitattt . it