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archiepixa is a minimalist Bash script designed to visualize archives with a webserver. It scans a specified folder and its subfolders, compresses previews using ffmpeg and imagemagick, and compiles them into HTML files, one for each subfolder.

The code has been developed for the workshop Building collective digital archives during the D*sign Week 2024, Linz. Powered by Servus


  • Scans specified folder and subfolders for files
  • Compresses previews for images, videos, and audio files
  • Generates static HTML files with customizable CSS styling
  • Customization of main color, secondary color, background color, and footer text

System Requirements

  • Bash shell
  • ffmpeg and imagemagick packages for media file compression

Installation Instructions

Installing ffmpeg and imagemagick

To install ffmpeg and imagemagick, use the package manager specific to your operating system.

For Ubuntu/Debian:

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg imagemagick

For macOS (using Homebrew):

brew install ffmpeg imagemagick


To use archiepixa, follow these steps:

  1. Place in the parent folder of the directory you want to scan.
  2. Run the script using the following command:
bash -f <folder_name>

Replace <folder_name> with the name of the folder you want to scan.

Getting started

A practical example:

cd /var/www/html/
git clone
mv archiepixa/ ./
bash -f ""


You can customize the appearance of the generated HTML files by modifying the CSS within the Bash script.

You can use flags to modify the background, the main, the second, the third color and you can choose how many colors the dither uses.

bash -f "folder" -b "black" -1 "purple" -2 "rgb('22','45','223')" -3 "#342298" -d "5" -F "The footer of the archiepixa magic"

Defaults are:

  • -1 "red"
  • -2 "orange"
  • -3 "black"
  • -b "white"
  • -d "3"
  • -F none


To remove the generated HTML files, use the -r flag along with the folder name:

bash -f <folder_name> -r

To delete both the HTML files and compressed folders, use the -R flag:

bash -f <folder_name> -R


Note: Avoid placing files named "index.html" within the scanned folders to prevent conflicts.

Do ALWAYS a backup of what you are scanning with archiepixa.


This script is licensed under the Habitat License.