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  manetta 72dfcb010c adding bots 7 months ago
  manetta 926065d10b adding a bit more on Weasyprint in the nb 7 months ago
  manetta a6bc48017e notebooks for collaborative tools session 7 months ago
  manetta 281309b7ef adding a collaboration tools notebook 7 months ago
  manetta 3a762309ea rm the old pdf 7 months ago
  manetta 35ccfe41f7 less dancing more graffiti 7 months ago
  manetta 04f0c6ba87 adding encoding systems, puzzles and mazes and maps notebooks 8 months ago
  manetta 2fc85c67f9 adding patterns notebooks and web-to-print (both wip) 8 months ago
  manetta e2a4cc31bc adding a tf-idf prototyping folder 1 year ago
  manetta 5aa34b5e7c adding a small prototype here 1 year ago