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  ugrnm 127833bb8c color tweaking 4 months ago
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  murtaugh 8c1054af51 not that gray! 5 months ago
  murtaugh 96bea57e6b gray bg 5 months ago
  murtaugh 2456527641 h1t it! 5 months ago
  murtaugh b99031b5e6 improved 5 months ago
  murtaugh 39ff33f356 a catchy title ;) 5 months ago
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  murtaugh 997637d52d wdka++ 5 months ago
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  Michael Murtaugh de92f02638 minor change 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh 088e596c80 rename index_old to zoom 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh e74d77a710 minor change 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh fb2617f8b5 Description and responsive meta tag 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh 6cb7e7545c more specific wdka.nl link 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh 80df30d33f updated simple index, project.xpub.nl 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh ce07900ab8 new simplified index.html 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh 1be7a5ba46 added og to index, testing hook 1 year ago
  Michael Murtaugh da056eb261 hide zoom controller -- too buggy still 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh b8ba01d748 zoom slider and tweaking 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 3884054005 added hash + limit zoom to 50 to prevent hang 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 89132b0a0c corrected exception trace to stderr 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 6f6755adb3 leaflet, accept valueerrors in json stream 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh fc83652e3b updates to leaflet and mediawiki for recentchanges 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 768c6456cc utf8 output issue 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh d4d8c76aba Merge branch 'master' of git.xpub.nl:/var/www/git.xpub.nl/repos/xpub.nl 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh ecc330bcbc helper script to reverse the order of a json 3 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh bb8c09f9f1 mediawiki recentfiles 3 years ago
  ultrageranium 9d371386b7 more minor edit of about.txt 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 82bd63835f minor editing of about 4 years ago
  ultrageranium 5fb22c2b9d new course text 4 years ago
  ultrageranium 4c263b5aad fine tuning intro text 4 years ago
  ugrnm 36488a59fb testing text layout 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 76cf631fc6 added back black links for non textonimage text 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh da14c7098a added textonimage class 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh b288f6a2f6 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:xpub/xpub2017 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 1b3e09ecc9 mods to leaflet.py 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh ce4e74bbad style mod and text/structure changes 4 years ago
  Michael Murtaugh 16e3656ce0 about no p 4 years ago