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Utility Scripts for scanning documents

See usage example in:

Software dependencies:

Packages: pdftk, imagemagick Install in Debian/Ubuntu: apt-get install pdftk imagemagick

Install in Mac with brew ( brew install pdftk imagemagick

Python libraries: mwclient (version 0.8.6)

Install in Debian/Ubuntu w/ pip: sudo pip install ‘mwclient==0.8.6’


Downloads media files from a wiki, according to a semantic ask query.

Usage: python --help

python -d imgs -a Modification_date::+

Converts 8 images (jpg or png) from a given directory, into a single sheet 4x2 imposition.

Usage: python --help

python --dir imgs/ --size a3 --pages 2 --order random

Converts first page of PDFs to a jpeg with the ending _cover.jpeg

Usage: ./ imgs-dir-name

Software dependencies: gs (ghostscript)

Converts a directory of images onto a single PDF

Usage: ./ imgs-dir-name pdf-filename

If no pdf-filename is provided, output.pdf will the default file name

Rotates all images in one a directory a given number of degrees

Usage: ./ imgs-dir-name rotation-in-degrees