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If you see this file AND you are reading it from
/data/www/ on the server, then
please kindly GTFO :)

The content of this folder is controlled by a post-receive hook managed
by Gitea.

To change the content of this folder, only do it via cloning the repos
and pushing to it. The changes will be immediately live on


Note for graduating students:



(dramatic pause)

There are quite a few mandatory things content and structure wise that
need to present, namely:

1. the page must have a bio + link to personal site/domain (if relevant)

2. the page must have a description of the project + link(s) to the
project + link(s) to relevant wiki pages (if useful) + link(s) to git repos
(if any) + year of the work

3. the page must have visual documentation of the work (screenshots,
photos, drawing, generated stuff, whatever is relevant and illustrative)

4. the page must have link to final PDF + visual documentation of the
printed version (I don't mean the thesis but the outcome of the book
sprint and final form of the published thesis) + link from home
5. the page must have visual documentation of the work during the grad
show + link from home

6. License/copyright statement. You're free to decide how you want your
work, from its documentation to its assets and core components, to be
distributed and reused, if you don't specify anything it will default to
standard copyright, it's always nice and useful to be explicit about
your position (whatever this can be!) in that regard, and regardless of
what alternative you choose (or not): default copyright, full fledged
free culture license, situationist style statement, underground press
copywrong trolling, anti-copyright notice, etc.

Also from a technical POV, make sure that:

- you follow the following URL structure:
no underscores, only dashes for space.
inside the the-name-of-your-project/ folder, your project page should
be named index.html, and from the main site only link to the folder
name, do not link to index.html directly. The web server will serve
index.html automatically.
See how it's done for last year's projects

- do not load external resources, such as fonts or js scripts. Serve
*everything* from the project folder. Basically your project page
should work locally and offline.

How all this is presented is really up to you and there are no
restrictions (Joca for instance is using a functional chat bot

You can always use the template for student projects Lídia
made as a starting point if you like. You can find this file
(student-template.html) under the templates folder. Note,
however, that both project description **AND** bio need to be
maximum 600 characters, and you need a minimum of 4 images
for each of the different sections (*Work*, *Publication* and *Graduation Show*).

!important (both for front page and individual pages):
Use class="int" on <a>s for internal links and class="ext" on
<a>s for external links. Add target='_blank' on links with
class='ext' to open link in a new tab