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# Wink!
### A Prototype for Interactive Children's Literature
Wink is a prototype for an interactive picture book platform. This platform aims to make reading into a mindfull and thought provoking process by using interactive and playful elements, multiple stories within one narrative and sound elements. Especially today where consumerism and low attention span is a rising issue especially amongst young readers, this was an important task to tackle. The thought of Wink emerged to find a more sustainable and creative way of reading for elementary school children.

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alt="knot words from Leeszaal" />
## Working End <sup><span class="margin-note">
<div class="loops">
## Working End
### Loop 1
### Why am I doing this?
@ -661,7 +662,9 @@ Taking a step to make Wink and using the story I wrote and feel is important in
as a prototype was a breakthrough. I feel like my interest and desire to discover new ways of
writing, reading and experiencing literature is ongoing and it was a beautiful journey so far. I am
looking forward to making more knots on this long and mysterious string at hand.
## Bibliography
Cope, B. and Kalantzis, M. (2009) “multiliteracies”:
New Literacies, new learning, Pedagogies: An International Journal,
@ -707,4 +710,4 @@ Sensing Digital Memories, The Whole
Life. Available at:

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