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XPUB Library

Library running on Flask and SQLight (maybe to be replaced with a python shelve)


Install the required dependencies:

$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Initialise database

$ bash

Install rqlite


To download and start rqlite on Linux, execute the following in a shell.

curl -L -o rqlite-v4.3.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
tar xvfz rqlite-v4.3.0-linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd rqlite-v4.3.0-linux-amd64
./rqlited ~/node.1


To download and start rqlite on OSX, execute the following in a shell.

curl -L -o rqlite-v4.3.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz tar xvfz rqlite-v4.3.0-darwin-amd64.tar.gz cd rqlite-v4.3.0-darwin-amd64 ./rqlited ~/node.1

Further install notes (bugs)

  • create the covers folder inside the uploadsfolder

  • don't forget to chmod the uploads and coverfolder ;-)

  • For Mac users -> brew install imagemagick@6 in order to install wand

For those on mac and using homebrew, it seems like Wand doesn't support imagemagick 7 yet as mentioned in other answers. There's a new brew formula for Imagemagick 6 which can be used to install the older version in the meanwhile: brew install imagemagick@6

Create a symlink to this newly installed dylib file as mentioned in other answer to get things working.

ln -s /usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick@6/<your specific 6 version>/lib/libMagickWand-6.Q16.dylib /usr/local/lib/libMagickWand.dylib

Run the program

Initialize rqlite database on one terminal (from rqlite install directory)

$ ./rqlited ~.node

Run the script in another terminal (from XPPL directory):



Has currently 2 entrypoints:

/api/books GETs all the books in the database

/api/book/id GETs a specific book by its id