A fork from "https://github.com/joshuarli/pylibgen" libgen.io URL was outdated. Now links to http://gen.lib.rus.ec/
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PyPI Travis CI License MIT

Python interface to Library Genesis. Only the LibGen/Sci-Tech database is supported.

This project is archived as of the 2.0.1 release. I am willing to make or accept pull requests for small maintenance releases if they are trivial, but any changes required due to major/breaking changes with libgen’s internals will not be implemented.


pylibgen is well-tested on Python 3.6 - 3.7, and can be installed via pip3 install -e git+https://git.xpub.nl/pedrosaclout/PyLibGenesis#egg=pylibgen.py.


>>> from pylibgen import Library
>>> l = Library()
>>> ids = l.search('stallman essays')
>>> ids
['112887', '310297', '688326', '1594161', '1610379']
>>> book1, book2, *_ = l.lookup(ids)
>>> book1.__dict__
{'id': '112887', 'title': 'Free software, free society: selected essays of Richard M. Stallman', 'author': 'Richard M. Stallman, Lawrence Lessig, Joshua Gay, Laurence Lessig', 'year': '2002', 'edition': 'First Printing, First Edition', 'pages': '230', 'identifier': '9781882114986,1882114981', 'extension': 'pdf', 'filesize': '2210323', 'md5': '861C055B960E7F36D95164CAB34E0E97'}
>>> book2.__dict__
{'id': '310297', 'title': 'Free Software Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard Stallman', 'author': 'Richard Stallman', 'year': '2010', 'edition': '2nd Edition', 'pages': '278', 'identifier': '0983159203,9780983159209', 'extension': 'pdf', 'filesize': '1597349', 'md5': '6C3C2593BBB5D77154D50DFDDC0EA669'}
>>> book1.get_url(filehost='b-ok.org')

Support Library Genesis!

Book.get_url(filehost='...') will return the standard filehost gateway url.

There is no functionality to bypass any intermediate advertisement pages, and this behavior is intended because Library Genesis is a service worth supporting.

Development Setup

You’ll need python 3.6, python 3.7, and tox. It’s recommended to use pyenv to install + manage python versions and executable modules. An example:

$ pyenv install 3.6.7
$ pyenv install 3.7.1
$ pyenv global 3.7.1 3.6.7  # put both pyenv-managed python3.6 and python3.7 on the PATH
$ python3.7 -m pip install tox

To setup and enter a virtual environment for testing + development:

$ tox -e setup
$ . venv/bin/activate

To run all tests and pre-commit hooks:

(venv) $ tox


Use pylibgen responsibly and at your own risk. The author(s) are not responsible or liable for any piracy, copyright infringement, or other offences committed by anyone using this software. Please consider supporting your favorite authors by purchasing their works!

Main Code

This code is a fork from https://github.com/joshuarli/pylibgen