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Oh my Git!

XPUB's Git:

Git introduction tutorial:

Visual cheat sheet:

Most commonly used git commands

git pull

git status

git log

git add filename.txt

git commit -m "my short summary of what has changed"

git push

Clone, branch, merge & forking

git clone

git checkout

git merge

Oh my Git, let's do it

We will make a Git repository together, that includes:

  • playcard.html: the most epic playcard ever
  • playcard.css: CSS rules to style the playcard
  • playcard.ipynb: notebook in which we generate a PDF based on the HTML + CSS files
  • .gitignore: a gitignore file that includes the notebook: we do not want to push changes in the notebook back to git
  • a README file written in markdown

Possible way how Git's features can be used?

  • How to write a narrative story in git... ? Like imagine mapping the idea of parallel branches to a world with parallel realities

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