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  1. 0.45.3
  2. Really fix the stuff in for the %param hash.
  3. 0.45.1,2
  4. Fixed some path names, made a new tarball.
  5. 0.45.0
  6. Renamed the miscdir parameter to confdir (in 'infobot')
  7. Renames 'files' directory to 'conf'
  8. Seperated src/ into src/ and extras/
  9. Changed default name to 'i-bot' in the infobot.config file
  10. Rationalized the names of the dbs to use dbname as a prefix
  11. 0.44.5
  12. Push ./src onto the path so gets in.
  13. New replaces METAR2 with a lot nicer stuff.
  14. mendel++. Very nice example of a module with forking,
  15. etc.
  16. Fixed's return codes.
  17. Roderick++'s extensive factoid locking patches for
  18. sharing DBs between infobots.
  19. Added scripts/make_snap and scripts/restore_snap , which
  20. make and restore ASCII snapshots of the databases,
  21. respectively. This is good to do periodically as a
  22. backup.
  23. Added to get stock quotes (LotR++) and added
  24. a boolean parameter ('stockquotes') to turn it on or off.
  25. Fixed a bug in the http proxy in the RDF fetching code (LotR++)
  26. Messages no longer record the apparent last channel
  27. when given in private.
  28. Changed src/ to guard against the server being
  29. down, though i'm afraid the server is never going
  30. to come back up.
  31. Cleaned extra white space off the end of parameter values
  32. during the read of the config file.
  33. Currency exchance is now case-insensetive.
  34. There were several other small bugfixes that didn't make it
  35. into this file during a move.
  36. 0.44.4
  37. Removed 'factpacks' subdirectory. These packs are all on
  38. the web site (, and more.
  39. Tidying of purldoc code.
  40. Tidying of W3Search triggers
  41. Tidying of IMDB, Websters, etc.
  42. Splitting lines in say()/msg()
  43. HTTP proxy support
  44. Little tidying of the Math code.
  45. More informative return values from Process
  46. Better support for `no, $nick, ...'
  47. Much increased `tell' support
  48. perlfaq' support: uses RSS to get faqtoids from perlfaqprime
  49. Much needed fixes to Zippy factoids
  50. Babelfish rewritten
  51. Net::Telnet timeout fix to insult
  52. Fixed `exchange' typo in infobot.config.
  53. \| for quoting pipes in factoids, Avi++
  54. Added the channels patch. infobot.channels now sets channel-specific
  55. options. The format is pretty much the same as the users file.
  56. Documented all the extensions.
  57. Fixed the `eval' command, which you shouldn't be using anyway.
  58. Removed spurious line breaks in Zippy's data.
  59. The `msgonly' parameter, if set, will see a question on channel and
  60. respond to it via /msg
  61. The `continuity' parameter controls how many seconds must elapse before
  62. the infobot assumes you have stopped addressing it. Set this to 0,
  63. and the infobot will never assume that it is being addressed.
  64. Added a warning to if target language is `en'
  65. Close `karma' and `seen' databases in &killed, now karma doesn't
  66. get reset.
  67. 0.44.3
  68. NOTE: You must update WWW::Search to the latest version
  69. for the Google search to work.
  70. NOTE: As usual, the new features (mostly) have new
  71. parameters that need to be defined in
  72. files/infobot.config -- to update, you'll need
  73. to move your dbm files into the new source
  74. tree and edit infobot.config. this is the best way.
  75. Made return values from said or messaged
  76. rather than using &say and &msg inside myRoutines.
  77. Use 'NOREPLY' to override this if you want to
  78. use msg and/or say yourself (such as in a callback
  79. or when forking).
  80. Moved the current file to a file called
  81. is reserved for local
  82. user extensions, and is now where the
  83. add-ons in the distribution are. They both
  84. behave the same as the old did.
  85. Extras is called after myRoutines.
  86. Moved several redirects out of and into Extras.
  87. Added 'literal' query -- 'literal foo' will show the
  88. factoid for the key foo, with tags and |s literally.
  89. Added RDF/RSS support (LotR++) in Uses the tag
  90. <rss="http://path/to/rdf/file"> and replaces it in-line.
  91. RSS is RDF Site Summary; many sites now use this
  92. standard format to encode their headlines/topics.
  93. Requires XML::RSS.
  94. Added currency exchange module ( from
  95. (thanks!)
  96. Added excuse module (, also from!
  97. Added 'purldoc' -- ^Masque++ -- which searches through
  98. perl FAQ question titles.
  99. Removed usair module. They changed the interface and
  100. this should just be re-written more gerally.
  101. Added support for, which provides Zippy witticisms.
  102. i made it require to be addressed. "infobot, yow" or
  103. "infobot, be zippy" is the trigger. (mendel++)
  104. the parameter is "zippy" in infobot.config.
  105. Added 'divine (.*)', a magic 8-ball (boojum++)
  106. Made Search work again for users with the +s user flag set.
  107. I still don't recommend this for bots with very big
  108. dbs.
  109. Another pass at getting the 'reload' code to work (Simon++).
  110. Target adressing in 'tell' made more consistent (Simon++).
  111. Now works with MD5 passwords also (thanks to Bobby Billingsley).
  112. Added timeouts to LWP-using modules.
  113. Fixed CTCP ping reply.
  114. Started RIPE whois to complement Internic whois, moved the
  115. whois stuff into myRoutines. This is getting to be
  116. a mess and still needs work. (Thanks to Bo Krosgaard for
  117. this suggestion).
  118. 0.44.2
  119. Added USAir flight information: 'usair flight 781'. requires LWP.
  120. This should be replaced with a more general one.
  121. Added keyed channel patch from Eden Li (tile).
  122. Added new slashdot headline retrieval code care of Richard Hoelscher
  123. (Rahga). It makes Chris Tessone's code go to the XML file on /.
  124. Also restricted its recongized form to "slashdot" or "slashdot
  125. headlines". Now called "Slashdot3".
  126. Added a factpack on Security to factopacks/ submitted by Peter
  127. Johnson (rottz), and one that has all the ports listed for tcp
  128. and udp from Samy Kamkar (CommPort5). Keep it up! :)
  129. Applied a patch to the insult server code from
  130. should fix the function as well as "insult x in german".
  131. btw, i can't send email to, so i hope he sees this :)
  132. Modified METAR code from Lazarus Long <>
  133. and added a status line so it tells the owner it requires
  134. LWP and Geo::METAR.
  135. Added Simon Cozens' Google search. Requires WWW::Search::Google.
  136. "google for foo", "search google for foo".
  137. Expanded the Google search to do everything WWW::Search knows about,
  138. and to fork so it wouldn't block the bot. Dejanews, Google,
  139. Gopher, Excite, Infoseek, HotBot, Lycos, AltaVista, Magellan,
  140. PLweb, SFgate, and Verity. try 'search <engine> for <keywords>'.
  141. But you really need to install WWW::Search to use this.
  142. Added "shut up" (which changes Addressing to "REQUIRE"),
  143. "wake up" (changes it to "OPTIONAL"), and "showmode" that
  144. tells which mode it's in. Aldebaran++ for this. the param
  145. "shutup" controls whether this is on; turn it off if you always
  146. want it to be REQUIRE.
  147. Made the output of "seen" nicer; reports how long it's been.
  148. By the way, the Nickometer code is due to Adam Spiers, and it
  149. was one of the earlier, relatively undocumented add-ons that
  150. made an example for others to start off with. Added comment.
  151. 0.44.1
  152. Fixed the CTCP bug which people were exploiting to crash. Thanks!
  153. Wrapped the babelfish translation code 'use's in evals so
  154. lack of URI::Escape won't stop you from running the bot.
  155. Added Chris Tessone's slashdot headlines module with a few minor
  156. changes (the same eval trick as above).
  157. Added some documentation to infobot_guide.html (gasp!)
  158. Added some factpacks in factpacks/ that were on the web site.
  159. 0.44.0
  160. WARNING: many changes have been undocumented, but
  161. i'm getting lots of requests to release the current
  162. state -- warts and all. Here it is, 6:35 AM Jun 24 99,
  163. an hour before yapc 99 opens.
  164. many small things, as usual.
  165. babel code (jdf++) for using babelfish to translate
  166. things. 'translate to german: hello'. this
  167. can be shortened to 'x to de hello'. *note:
  168. LWP must be installed for this to work.
  169. 'insult server' code; probably not very useful.
  170. Also requires LWP.
  171. 0.43.6
  172. freeside++ for code to clean up the imbd redirect.
  173. fimmtiu++ for 'your' patches. blame him now.
  174. fixed the text of the foldoc redirect (TorgoX++)
  175. added passwords for servers with passwords (ksiero++)
  176. including server_pass in infobot.config
  177. made s/// case-insensetive (mendel++)
  178. added vhost support and vhost_name to infobot.config (elph++)
  179. changed some trivial status messages to be prettier
  180. made miscdir fully qualified, and changed it to ./files in
  181. the default infobot.config file.
  182. moved stray help setup code into a subroutine and call it
  183. from
  184. added "say" for +o (/msg <botname> say #channel foo)
  185. made it so that +o can make the bot join any channel
  186. added, inspired by geniusj's sh script
  187. to
  188. added METAR support (mendel++ for, and this
  189. plus the weather routine make nice examples
  190. 0.43.5
  191. added <action> as a species of <reply>: X is <action> foo!
  192. added murrayb++'s patches for an ignore list file
  193. made help path relative (also murrayb++)
  194. renamed "scripts/make_db" to "scripts/update_db"
  195. added "scripts/unupdate_dbs" to back out all changes by nick
  196. from a log file or part of a log file. good for removing
  197. vandalism.
  198. made 'forget' logging more friendly to reversing it
  199. moved all the setup stuff more cleanly into
  200. made the ignore list modifiab;e at run-time with the P flag
  201. and added 'ignore' and 'unignore' commands via msg
  202. added substitutions: X =~ s/A/B/
  203. 0.43.4
  204. made private messages not respoken under the persistant
  205. "seen" -- this was allowing people to get private
  206. information on 0.43.3. 0.43.3 was only available for
  207. a few hours, so i hope this impact is minimal.
  208. 0.43.3
  209. many undocumented little things. fixes, of course!
  210. fixed the reply after seen.
  211. made seen persistant. added the infobot.config line 'seen'
  212. for the seen-db location
  213. added what the last thing seen was.
  214. made the karma path fully specified.
  215. 0.43.2
  216. fixed the learning from other bots based on URL policy
  217. 0.43.1
  218. minor fixes here and there.
  219. fixed the math bug (finally! i think!)
  220. several NL patches. Small CTCP fix.
  221. some statement and question changes. nothing major.
  222. wanted to get this version out before i tried getting
  223. things working on a few more platforms. seems
  224. pretty stable.
  225. 0.43.0
  226. * UPDATE YOUR irc.params to infobot.config FILES *
  227. * UPDATE YOUR userfile.txt files to infobot.users FILES *
  228. * SOME DOCUMENTATION is now in doc/infobot_guide.html
  229. changed DEBUG parameter name to VERBOSITY
  230. removed the broken STANDALONE mode for now
  231. and eviscerated the code for it
  232. removed some lint from the params file
  233. files/irc.params IS NOW CALLED files/infobot.config
  234. removed vestigial paramdbm code.
  235. removed MacOS-specific code. this needs-writing.
  236. fixed the "out-loud" comment "you are not a bot owner"
  237. to be silent
  238. removed the vesitigial and misleading infobot.doc
  239. and created some documentation ! in doc/infobot.html
  240. and children
  241. renamed userfile.txt to files/infobot.users
  242. added variable interpolation to infobot.config so
  243. you can use $ident and all previously-defined
  244. parameter values in the assignent of subsequent
  245. paramters.
  246. moved userfile diagnostics into (!) from
  247. top level infobot script
  248. renamed crontab.infobot to infobot.crontab
  249. converted all prints to status() for uniform logging
  250. and console output
  251. removed other vesitigal logging code (
  252. redid the ansi color by type and status
  253. made internic reply via msg only
  254. removed MLF's -- these need rewriting
  255. moved the addressing code ALL out of Irc*.pl
  256. cleared initial negative on statements when the entry
  257. doesn't yet exist (less weird factoids)
  258. added 'also |' to add disjuncts easily
  259. allowed coherent protection of any word from
  260. processing using \. e.g. \is for
  261. x \is y is y
  262. added %channels, %seen, %verified hashes
  263. added password + hostmask protection and command-on-request
  264. with the syntax /msg <bot> <password> <command>
  265. where <command> is {eval (mode e), op (mode p), die (mode o)}
  266. previously public bot commands are now private message only or
  267. privmsg + password
  268. added "sane" files (sane-is.txt amd sane-are.txt) that
  269. will be loaded into the -is and -are dbs at startup
  270. and will set some items to sane values. put things
  271. that you want to be permanent in these.
  272. isolated statement rejection code
  273. moved math into
  274. moved search code into
  275. rolled the requires in the top level script into a
  276. single loop that automatically loads all the perl
  277. files in the src directory
  278. fixed the interaction between addressing and volunteering.
  279. minVolunteerLength applies only if addressing is not REQUIRED
  280. fixed the grotty math bug in perlMath that prevented negative
  281. numbers from evalling properly
  282. 0.42.1
  283. made it go for the _first_ verb rather than
  284. the first verb in the list. cleaned up the
  285. debug info.
  286. fixed the underscore-erasing bug.
  287. there was a problem is \b$verb\b missing
  288. things like .is; fixed.
  289. karma fix... allow "me", tolerate whitespace
  290. (thanks fimmtiu and SirGawain)
  291. 0.42
  292. fixed an interaction between marked questions,
  293. minimum volunteering length, and addressing.
  294. allowed talk between friendly bots
  295. rationalized some of the logging, so you can see
  296. who did everything ('is also' updates, in
  297. particular).
  298. fixed the traceroute calling syntax
  299. for some, karma didn't work with 0.41.5; it may now :)
  300. 0.41.5
  301. closed the traceroute hole
  302. fixed the reverse DNS
  303. fixed some 'huh?' replies -- made sure to return
  304. the NOREPLY token in
  305. * desire: cut confirmation replies (mode)
  306. * desire: silent mode (learn only)
  307. rev 0.41.0 - 0.41.4
  308. many minor things, mostly natural language,
  309. some infrastructure. allowed "forget" to
  310. end with final punctuation.
  311. added factpack subdirectory. use these to
  312. load up the bot with things. more to come.
  313. fixed "addressing" -> REQUIRE.
  314. revision 0.41
  315. added "karma". now "x++" or "x--" will change x's karma.
  316. "karma for x" will show it's current standing. This
  317. idea came from and his plusplus
  318. Zephyr bot. Darrel Kindred is the mastermind here;
  319. I just liked the idea and added it.
  320. added e mode in userfile to expose eval. this is not
  321. recommended. requires a crypted pass, then
  322. /msg bot <pass> eval <perl code>
  323. revision 0.40.1
  324. replaced default userfile and fixed a tiny bit of NL where
  325. it would say "OK" even when X already was Y.
  326. the next rev will be the one for MacPerl etc., i hope. this
  327. was just a quick fix because 0.40 wasn't letting people
  328. teach by default.
  329. revision 0.40
  330. several small fixes -- fixed a big with article deletion,
  331. made it so it doesn't echo when told to die by a non-master,
  332. fixed a few NL things, removed the CTCP die command.
  333. Mailing list opens.
  334. I plan one more rev to make sure this pre-version works
  335. with MacPerl, then we'll switch to the new model.
  336. revision 0.39
  337. integrated wf's changes with my own NL stuff from
  338. purl exploits. this is a quick-turnaround rev to
  339. get things in place for an upcoming major rev.
  340. since nslookup, etc are now keyworded, removed
  341. ipmatch and dmatch regexen from their preconditions.
  342. added param for default signoff message
  343. revision 0.38
  344. user system reworked flags are settable to limit
  345. access to the bot's features. Examples can
  346. be found in files/userfile.txt.
  347. non-blocking sockets added to allow use of DCC
  348. and other various functions to come soon.
  349. revision 0.37
  350. Standalone mode works again after an oops in the
  351. hooks by wildy... :)
  352. revision 0.36
  353. NL stuff, some fixes from purl.
  354. revision 0.35
  355. new option; multiline factoids. you can use the
  356. following syntax to teach infobot facts on
  357. multiple lines:
  358. <mynick> infobot: something is <multi>
  359. anything said from there on will be recorded
  360. as part of the fact. make sure you designate
  361. the end of the fact or it will continue adding
  362. everything you say into the fact.
  363. <mynick> <end>
  364. this will end the fact and store it in the db.
  365. made MLFs work with repeatIgnoreInterval to prevent
  366. some nasty abuse potential; added status
  367. line for repeat ignore
  368. revision 0.34
  369. fixed the addressing bug found in
  370. removed the "okay" message when it doesn't replace
  371. a key with the same message; this makes it nicer
  372. when more than one is on the same channel, though
  373. they still all reply
  374. changed the default params to make urls optional
  375. fixed the "the" bug, and expanded the "can" grammar
  376. to handle cases more flexibly.
  377. undid some bug that were introduced in handing the
  378. code back and forth
  379. folded in code that got out of sync in parallel revs.
  380. revision 0.33.3
  381. added the formatting of public channel messages and
  382. changed the hook code to be a bit more sane
  383. revision 0.33.2
  384. re changed infobot to OPTIONAL listening/learning
  385. instead of just url's as default
  386. revision 0.33.1
  387. added a few irc operator things in param file
  388. fixed the math routines
  389. commented out the dotwise domain thing in
  390. because its regex didn't function correctly, etc
  391. maybe just use the one nslookup so it doesnt get
  392. confused with messages.
  393. cleaned up for a hopefully stable-ish 0.33
  394. revision 0.32b
  395. infobot doesn't require perl 5.004 anymore, you
  396. can run safely with perl 5.001 i'm pretty sure.
  397. added support for ANSI Color -- enjoy, you
  398. can turn this on/off in the params file. also
  399. might ansi-fy a few more parts. not much though.
  400. fixed bugs with irc code where infobot
  401. couldn't join &channels (local) or channels
  402. with weird things like '!'.
  403. -patrick
  404. fixed the :) bug
  405. fixed non-default param file to files/irc.params
  406. -kevin
  407. revision 0.31b
  408. ok, reintegrating the irc modules.
  409. re-added $nuh support so that users can use their
  410. passwords, etc.
  411. made numbers with more than 16 digits "a very big
  412. number" in the math handling.
  413. it's indentation wars! now that the tabs are gone,
  414. most things indent nicely.
  415. cut out a few vestigial lines from the inlet code,
  416. such as the hard-coded dbs (not used now anyway).
  417. i'm still torn about the copyright/license thing. have
  418. to figure out how to handle that.
  419. changed the default nick back the Newbie.
  420. removed the #$%#$% param db that was bugging me so
  421. much. just read in the param file and be
  422. happy.
  423. renamed "" to "" and
  424. made a couple of minor changes in it.
  425. revision 0.30b
  426. thanks, patrick! Patrick Cole (wildfire) did
  427. everything for rev 029b... many many thanks.
  428. made the irc version the default
  429. changed the default server to cmu
  430. changed the default channel to #infobot
  431. will do more in the near future...
  432. NOTE infobot now requires perl 5.004
  433. revision 0.29b
  434. the first and greatest appearance of the inlet code rolled
  435. into infobot. new look makes it easier to see what's
  436. going on and gives it a greater feel to it. All irc
  437. code rewritten by Patrick Cole graciously
  438. added a traceroute command for lazy people, etc
  439. nslookup for domain lookups
  440. reindented all the code by hand (ugh) because it was in an
  441. "Eight Megs and Constantly Swapping" kind of way :)
  442. infobot can now reconnect split servers ...
  443. "/ctcp infobot autorecon on"
  444. internic whois querys should work now hopefully
  445. revision 0.28b
  446. the first appearance of "curl", the command-line url.
  447. useful for one-line queries and updates of the db.
  448. not as full-featured as the standalone url --
  449. these will probably merge.
  450. fixed a minor bug in writeParamFile
  451. woops. it was set to userLevel > 100 for the eval
  452. instead of >= 100.
  453. revision 0.27b
  454. aha! there was a bug in the argument parser; used pop
  455. instead of shift. this ought to work better now.
  456. added absolute path to url in in4m. use this if you're
  457. going to invoke url from anywhere other than the
  458. home directory.
  459. cleaned up in4m (top level) somewhat
  460. added mkpasswd and ckpasswd in anticipation of userlevels
  461. added writeParamFile in I still would like
  462. to get away from the param db and just read and write
  463. a flat file.
  464. allowed $date, $time variables in values, e.g. "date is $date"
  465. allowed \i \me \my in values that prevents "person-switching",
  466. e.g. "x is go ahead and tell \me" so it doesn't turn me
  467. into "in4m" or whatever on output
  468. moved $safeWho generation into &purifyNick, which makes a
  469. nick safe to use in a regex (among other things). it
  470. really just removes 'bad' characters.
  471. lifted the 'forget' code above most of the text processing
  472. so it's more wysiwyf ('what you see is what you forget').
  473. stamped out what i hope is the last nick bracket bug
  474. lifted the normalize query and switch person calls into urlQuestion
  475. so that they don't cause weird interaction problems
  476. fixed a bug in 'you' (in switchPerson) referring to the bot
  477. added a 'chomp' on reading init files to keep out extra \n's
  478. added more stuff in
  479. removed the secretWord potential nightmare and replaced it
  480. with the userlist potential nightmare
  481. addusers, readUserFile, writeUserFile, ckuser, users, etc
  482. etc. in
  483. userList parameter in irc.params, standalone.params
  484. userlevel 100 exposes eval (!), userlevel 10 lets you
  485. override the 'REQUIRE' option for urls. come to
  486. think of it, REQUIRE could be a number...
  487. allowed 'allowUrls' to be a number, in which case it is
  488. interpreted as the min userlevel to enter a non-url
  489. revision 0.26b
  490. added a '<reply>' prepended tag to allow simple responses
  491. (thanks, scuzzi_)
  492. made the default behaviour not to whine about things that
  493. are already defined (...but x is y...) unless addressed
  494. which makes it nicer when more than one are on the same
  495. channel
  496. revision 0.25b
  497. mucked around with to get it working with
  498. cron more obviously
  499. urlProcess had an old-style %params ; changed to %param
  500. moved a check for null paramfile names into loadParams loop
  501. fixed a bracketing error that led to irc mode overriding
  502. made it optional to use the parameter dbm; it's actually
  503. reasonable to just read the irc.params file only
  504. and not go for the "persistant parameters"
  505. revision 0.24b
  506. added a "commitDBM every Nth transaction" form of the parameter
  507. made dbm retry 10 times to open if it fails
  508. changed the default standalone params to point to the right files dir
  509. added a 'usage' output to dump_db to match make_db
  510. added param allowLeave, which lets people make the bot leave a chan
  511. changed the top-level name to just in4m.
  512. added args to the command line: -p, -i, -s, -h
  513. added a src/ file so people can customize easily
  514. revision 0.23b
  515. fixed dump_db :/ silly me
  516. fixed another little problem in
  517. revision 0.22b
  518. set up params as a db. it's still a hack and needs work,
  519. but it allows for persistant params that you can set
  520. within a session.
  521. fixed various problems in referring to the right dbs
  522. removed gratuitous accesses to the dbs
  523. exposed more stuff in the standalone version. see standalone.txt.
  524. set up initialization of dbs within
  525. removed RUN_ME_FIRST
  526. changed %params to %param to make set look nicer
  527. moved make_db and dump_db into scripts/ subdir
  528. and cleaned them up slightly
  529. renamed params/ to files/
  530. made a doc dir and put the README for standalone in there
  531. added 'where is x at' form (thanks, scuzzi)
  532. revision 0.21b
  533. got rid of the question count access to the db.
  534. made -w happier. someday i'll make -s happy too.
  535. added parameter files to make life better.
  536. the first appearance of the standalone desktop interactive
  537. version that doesn't depend on irc.
  538. added params and hooks for the standalone version.
  539. params{nick} behaviour made consistant (urlSetup was overriding).
  540. @allowed_channels fixed to $params{'allowed_channels'}.
  541. fixed the if (($params{'addressing'} eq 'REQUIRE') && $addressed)
  542. to !addressed in urlStatement (thanks again, cburnett).
  543. made it open and close dbm files on each update unless
  544. told otherwise. some implementations did not guarantee
  545. commit. you can check your implementation and set
  546. this to null or something else if you have a smart dbm.
  547. added params for maxKeyLength and maxDataLength.
  548. added params and fixed the help files. help files are
  549. still ugly in the standalone mode.
  550. added allowUpdate parameter so you can have strictly answerbots;
  551. this will tie in to having restricted lists of users + levels.
  552. made it so by default the irc version has no output. turn
  553. up the debug level if you need more insight into what's
  554. going in.
  555. revision 0.20b
  556. this was a quick rev.
  557. fixed some of the gratuitous named stuff in
  558. made it so dns wouldn't try to fork under macperl
  559. got the tracking back up
  560. revision 0.19b:
  561. changed the default db's to be infobot-is and infobot-are
  562. changed RUN_ME_FIRST to deal with that and renamed the .txt files
  563. made a wantNick param
  564. make it so dbs are created if don't exist (as option)
  565. fixed $addressed so it didn't just look for prefixes
  566. fixed a couple of the parameters that weren't referring to the hash
  567. changed $urlCount to $factoidCount
  568. revision 0.18b:
  569. moved a bunch of params into the global hash %params
  570. added &params so people can see the settings
  571. e.g. /msg in4m mysecretword &params();
  572. added some parameters up-front for server, port, etc.
  573. changed the bad nickname code
  574. the burnett fix (:$realname)
  575. added as a default help file